Category Item Content of support
of social adaptation
Basic education (at Hanawon)
  • Education for 12 weeks(406 hours)
  • 7 classes by age and sex classification
  • 5 parts of program: mental and physical care, searching for jobs and teaching career
Local education (at Hana-center)
  • Education and training at Hana-center all over the country
Settlement support fund Basic fund * Installment payment
  • 1 person of household(7million won),
  • 2 members of household(12million won),
  • 3 members of household(16million won),
  • 4 members of household(20million won),
  • over 7 members of household(32million won)
Non-capital region residence grant
  • Metropolitan city(except Incheon): 10% of House fund
  • Other city: 20% of House fund
Added fund for vulnerable social group
  • Added fund based on age(over 60 years old): 7.2million won
  • Added fund for disabilities: 15.4million won(1st grade), 10.8million won(2,3rd grade), 3.6million won(4,5th grade)
  • Added fund for longterm medical care(hospitalization for 3months or longer): monthly 800 thousand won
  • Added fund to protect child of single parent household (children under 13 year old in the single parent home): 3.6million won
  • Added fund to rear children born in other country: 4million won per a child(under 16 year old)
Residence Finding house
  • Helping find rental housing
House fund  * Installment payment
  • 1 person of household(13million won),
  • 2~4 members of household(12million won),
  • over 5 members of household(20million won)
Employment Job training benefits
  • Full amount of job training expenses
  • Job training allowance during training period
Job training & Qualification support fund
  • Job training for over 500 hours(5million won), over 620 hours(1.4million won), over 740 hours(1.6million won)
  • Getting qualification: 2million won
JEmployment support fund (to worker)
  • Supporting 1/2 of wages to whom has served for 3 years (capital region: maximum 16.5 million won, other region: maximum 19.5 million won)
Employment support fund (to employer)
  • Supporting 1/2 of wages for 3 years (maximum 4 years, 0.5million won)
Individual Development Account (Happy future account)
  • Individual asset building program
Others (at Hana Foundation)
  • Job Support Call center
  • Support for farming and entrepreneurship etc
Social welfare Subsistence wage
  • Support
Medical care
  • Support
Special pension
  • Support
Education Special admission into universities
  • Special admission for Nk refugees who want to enter universities
Supporting tuition fee
  • Tuition exemption of middle/high schools and national universities
  • 50% of tuition fee of private universities
Counseling -
  • Counseling from Hana-center, counsellers and settlement volunteers