We help North Korean refugees develop their capabilities for self-reliance

The biggest hurdle North Korean refugees face in South Korea is securing financial independence. The Korea Hana Foundation aims to help North Korean refugees find jobs that match the most with their competence and circumstances through hands-on training including online education. We work together with affiliated agencies including Hanawon and Hana Centers to provide services that help North Korean refugees with employment.

* Hanawon is a facility with initial reception and resettlement education programs for North Korean refugees. It is established and operated by Ministry of Unification. Hanawon provides various programs to North Korean refugees for 12 weeks.
* Hana Centers are regional adaptation centers throughout the country that provide continuous counselling.

Systemized Job Programs
A one-stop employment support service through Hanawon and Hana-centers
1:1 customized employment support
Future Happiness Bankbook for asset building
Tailored programs to help refugees find their potential
Industry-specific programs
Employment support vouchers and job academy for youths
Vocational training programs
Self-support projects, farming and entrepreneurship support
Fostering preliminary social enterprises for a unified Korea
Personalized consulting and financial support for those wishing to partake in the agriculture industry or start a new business
Self-support projects for entrepreneurship skills