Request for Protection and Transfer to South Korea
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

  • Upon request for protection, report and notify the situation to appropriate government agencies
  • Accommodate North Korean refugees in foreign diplomatic offices or temporary shelters in a host country
  • Negotiate with the host country and support the immigration of North Korean refugees after verifying their identity

Decision over Protection

  • Upon entrance, conduct joint questioning with appropriate government agencies, including the National Intelligence Service
  • After questioning, transfer North Korean refugees to the custody of Hanawon, an education center for social adaptation
  • Decide whether to grant the North Korean refugees protection through deliberation by the Consultative Council

HANAWON (Ministry of Unification)

  • Conduct training for social adaptation (12 weeks, 392 hours) in psychological well-being, better understanding of South Korean society, and basic vocational training, etc
  • Transfer refugees to their newly assigned residence after registering their family relations

Residence Settlement Support
(Korea Hana Foundation)

  • Employment support : Vocational training, employment incentive, employment subsidy, etc.
  • Asset-building support : Future Happiness Bankbook
  • Educational support : Support for tuition, and special admission and transfer to schools, etc.
  • Social security support : Basic livelihood security application for special cases
  • Support workers system : Community services(local governments), employment(Employment Centers), and personal protection(police stations)
  • Public-private cooperation : 111 regional councils to support North Korean refugees