About the Korea Hana Foundation

The Korea Hana Foundation(KHF) is a non-profit public organization established by Ministry of Unification in 2010. The KHF is founded based on the belief of the “Act on the protection and settlement support for North Korean defectors.”

Today there are approximately 30,000 North Korean refugees making a living in South Korea. To help them settle down stably and realize their hopes and dreams in South Korea, the KHF has implemented various projects customized for their needs, such as support for immediate resettlement, medical expenses, employment, youth education, and investigative studies.

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

  • Mission

    To contribute to the resettlement
    of North Korean refugees
    and to the unification of Korea

  • Vision

    Self-sufficiency for unification and
    to be the hub for the
    inter-Korean integration

  • Core Values

    Understanding and Acceptance
    Rights and Responsibility
    Evaluation of Effectiveness and Validity through Verified Resources

  • Core Strategies

    Strengthening self-sufficiency, will, and competence
    Boosting understanding and communication between South and North Koreans
    Nurturing refugees as human resources for a unified Korea

Key Works

Initial Resettlement Assistance
The Korea Hana Foundation takes the lead in helping North Korean refugees settle down successfully as members of South Korean society. To support North Korean refugees as they start a new life in South Korea, the Korea Hana Foundation provides for them various assistance.
  • Settlement helpers
  • Household starter kit
  • Electronic product purchase voucher
Employment Assistance
The Korea Hana Foundation runs a systematic employment program to help North Korean refugees achieve economic independence. The Employment Support Center offers one-on-one customized services ranging from job-seeking registration and counseling to job placement and follow-up management to ensure long-term employment.
  • 1:1 customized employment support
  • Future Happiness Bank Account project for asset building
  • Fostering preliminary social enterprises for a unified Korea
Education Assistance
The Korea Hana Foundation dedicates efforts to provide customized education to help the wholesome growth of young North Korean refugees. The Korea Hana Foundation operates an alternative school and after-school study rooms where young North Korean refugees can enjoy learning in a stable environment.
  • Scholarships
  • English video education
  • Pre-university course
The Korea Hana Foundation produces videos and advertising campaigns on North Korean refugees’ resettlement in South Korea and spreads them through various media in order to reduce the psychological gap between North and South Korean residents and to embrace North Korean refugees as fellow citizens and neighbors.
  • Discovering and spreading success cases
  • Advertising campaign
  • Support group comprised of university students